Beaded Menorah

Project designed by: Vicki O'Dell


Add your own glam to passed-down traditions with a shimmery menorah. Perfect for the mantle or as a centerpiece in your dining room.


  • (8) Wooden blocks 
  • (8) Clear glass tea light votive cups
  • (8) Battery operated candles
  • (2) bags of iridescent blue flat back marbles
  • Silver craft paint
  • Any Krazy Glue Craft Super Glue


  1. Paint the wooden blocks with silver craft paint and let dry.
  2. Attach the flat back marbles to the sides of the wooden blocks with Krazy Glue.
  3. Adhere the votive cups to the wooden blocks with glue.
  4. Insert the tea light candle into the glass votive cups and enjoy!