DIY Apothecary Jars

Project designed by: Krazy Glue


Jazz up your bathroom (or any room) with these DIY apothecary jars. Use them to hold cotton swabs or cotton balls, or add your own decorative elements like pinecones or potpourri.


  • Candle Holders (Preferably with Stems)
  • Bathroom Jars with Lids
  • Any Krazy Glue Max Bond Super Glue Gel


  1. Wash all of your glassware and let dry.
  2. Take the lids off the mason jars and turn upside down.
  3. Use Krazy Glue Max Bond Gel on top of candleholders and adhere them to the bottom of your mason jars.
  4. Let sit for a couple of minutes and voilà!
  5. Make mason jars functional by filling them with cotton swabs or cotton balls, or purely decorative by filling them with pinecones or potpourri. It’s up to you!