Party Animal Favors

Vicki O'Dell


Transform empty baby food jars and plastic toys into memorable place settings and party favors for your next special event. Krazy Glue® Craft with Skin Guard™ and Extended Precision Tip allows you to glue tiny toys to the lids. A metallic spray paint can be applied after the glue dries to add elegance to a baby shower or wedding. A bright multi-colored set serves as a fun and festive party favor for children’s birthday parties.


  • Krazy Glue Craft with Skin Guard™ and Extended Precision Tip


  • Any Krazy Glue Craft Super Glue Gel
  • Baby Food Jars
  • Small Plastic Animals
  • Krylon® ColorMaster™ Plastic Primer
  • Krylon Indoor/Outdoor spray paint – Gloss True Blue, Tomato and Sun Yellow
  • Krylon ColorMaster™ Metallic Gold
  • Sandpaper
  • Alcohol and a soft cloth


  1. Wash and dry baby food jars
  2. Use a scraper or adhesive remover for any stubborn stuck-on labels
  3. Use sandpaper to scuff up the finish on the jar lids
  4. Adhere small plastic animals with Krazy Glue and let set for 30 minutes
  5. Paint animals and jar lids with primer. Let dry.
  6. Paint with spray paint. Let dry.