Pretty, Pretty Princess

Project designed by: Shannon Morris


Surprise your kids on a boring, rainy day by creating this instant Pretty, Pretty Princess dress-up set for them. Use Krazy Glue® to decorate vinyl with silk flowers and gems and attach to wooden rods to create wands. Secure ribbon to tulle with a fabric glue and use Krazy Glue to decorate this magical tutu with matching gems and flowers.


  • Krazy Glue 20g Craft Precision Tip Gel
  • Silk flowers (hydrangea)
  • Craft jewels
  • Ribbon
  • Roll of purple tulle
  • Dowels for wand handles
  • Sparkly spray paint
  • Vinyl samples
  • Fabric Glue
  • Tape


Wand Directions:

  1. Spray paint dowels with sparkly spray paint.
  2. Cut heart shapes out of vinyl (2 per wand)
  3. When dowels are dry, sandwich them between two vinyl hearts and secure with Krazy Glue®.
  4. Cut lengths of ribbon to hang down from the bottom of the hearts.
  5. Attach with Krazy Glue and let dry.
  6. Take apart silk flowers and glue several layers to the vinyl.
  7. Glue a jewel to each of the finished flowers.

Tutu Directions:

  1. Cut tulle in 12-inch lengths.
  2. Cut 2 lengths of ribbon 2-inches larger than measured width of the waist.
  3. Secure ribbon to your work surface using tape. 
  4. Run a bead of fabric glue along the first ribbon. 
  5. Take a length of tulle and fold it into a loose accordion style to add volume.
  6. Put the folded edge into the glue on the ribbon and smooth it out, so the glue grabs the fabric.
  7. Repeat this until all of your tulle is gone, making sure there is a full skirt.
  8. Run another bead of fabric glue and sandwich the tulle in between both ribbons, making sure there are equal pieces of ribbon on either side. 
  9. Take apart silk flowers and attach several layers to the ribbon with Krazy Glue®.
  10. Krazy Glue a jewel to each of the finished flowers. 
  11. Let dry.