Tip & Applicators - Brush, Pen, Precision Tips | Krazy Glue

Precision Tip

The one-drop precision tip provides maximum control for accurate fixes and less mess on your hands. The self-piercing nozzle makes opening the tube a breeze.


Brush-on applicator provides excellent surface coverage and is ideal for large surfaces and hard-to-reach areas.

Precision Control Pen

The Krazy Glue pen applicator permits pin-point accuracy for delicate repairs.

Fine Tip Single Use

Single-use applicators have just enough in each tube for one fast fix. They’re convenient, quick and easy to use. Keep a tube anywhere you might need a repair.

Extended Precision Tip

The long no-clog neck of the Extended Precision Tip is ideal for applying in corners and tight spaces.

EZ Squeeze

The larger size and sure-grip panel on the container makes applying the glue a simple squeeze.